I am a huge fan of the Black London series.  When we got to the big surprise at the end of the last book I got a little worried about what would happen next.  I really don’t care for books that head in that particular direction.  This was really no exception.


I am not sure what on earth transpired to make Pete such an irrational bitch.  I understand that she is worried, and scared, but my goodness.  Her attitude and behavior was so self centered and just completely inexcusable.    She really turned me off for most of the book.  When we left her in the previous installment she seemed to be ok with things and not hostile towards Jack.  I really felt lost as to what happened between then and when this took pace.


It was nice to have a lot of the book from Jack’s perspective.  At the same time he was so self deprecating I just wanted him to slap Pete and ask her what her problems were.


Once we got to the ending of this book everything seemed fine and dandy once again.  All in all I felt like there were huge pieces of the story missing.  Quite a few of the character’s motivations seemed to come out of nowhere.


Inter character relationships aside, the story itself was nothing to write home about either.  There were some confusing plot points in the over all “mystery”.


All in all I was pretty disappointed in this book.  I am not sure I like where the storyline is heading.  I admit I was a little against where we were headed before I even started.