What on earth just happened?  I was reading this book and everything was going good, then we took a turn somewhere and I have no idea how this went so very wrong, so very fast.


Throughout the previous books of this series we learned very little about Dmitri’s life.  InArchangel’s Blade we get his entire history prior to being Made.  We meet a new Hunter, and learn about her past.  Obviously we all know the path that the story will take from here.


The issue is that the line from point A to point B is not linear.  At all.  It appears it was easier to just bend the paper to make the points meet than have to draw the line.  The story completely and totally jumps the shark.  To me this was a complete cop out.  It was the easy way to make all of the characters okay with their budding relationship even though they had issues and plenty of baggage.  I would have rather have seen both characters work through those barriers on their own without this nice easy cure all to their inner turmoil.


Without the magic wave of the wand this book would have been just as amazing as the others in the series.  With this twist of events its less.  Much less.  The entire story was cheapened.


Very disappointing.