I finished reading One Grave at a Time last night.  This is the sixth book in the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost.  This book took me a few days to get through.  That pretty much sums up what I think of it.


I am not exactly sure how this went so wrong.  It almost seemed like parts were missing.  The plot took a little bit to get moving and once it did there were really no details.  The bad guy comes.  They fight.  Bad guy runs away.  All of a sudden there is a plan and a trap.  Rinse.  Lather.  Repeat.  Some of the characters we have met previously appeared in the book at equally haphazard moments.


There was a little overall plot development with the government agencies.  That again sprang up with no explanation, no resolutions, and no details.  One of the characters has somewhat of an inkling as to what is going on, but decides not to share with Cat and Bones.  They also decided not to share with us.  Again, this was a plot point with no information.


It was like reading a trailer for a movie.  We see some of these big things happening but we have no idea how, why, or when anything was going to occur.  All of the guts of the story were just missing.


The ending was abrupt.  They literally catch the bad guy, talk about the fact that it will be taken care of and then jump to a senseless, pointless epilogue.


There was quite a bit of page time spent on stressing the fact that all of the characters were in a great place in their lives.  Everyone is happy and content.  That is great.  There doesn’t need to be conflict between them in order to make a good book, but that page time should have been spent discussing the actual story at hand.


I was pretty horribly disappointed.  This is as if an A+ student just handed in a D paper.  You know what they are capable of and you just cant help but wonder what went on while they were trying to put this together.