There are about a million books I have been dying to read coming out tomorrow. Needless to say I didn’t want to start anything I couldn’t be positive I could finish tonight. I picked up Laura Kaye’s Hearts in Darkness. It popped up on my Goodreads time line and people seemed to be liking it. I never heard of Kaye before so I really had no idea what I was going ot read, but as for a quickie I didn’t really care.


Hearts in Darkness is a sweet little novella about a kind of sassy accountant who gets stuck in a pitch black elevator with a man who she didn’t take notice of when she entered. The man of course is her physical polar opposite. He’s a little less than what we would call white collar acceptable with his tattoos, piercings and shaved head. They chat, share secrets in the dark to pass the time, and then of course hump. That is the logical course of things in a single night isn’t it? Well, sometimes it is so that’s okay.


For pretty much entirely taking place in an elevator the dialogue was really fun to read. Both characters were exceptionally witty and their inner dialogue didn’t make me want to vomit with its over done-ness.


I liked this little ditty so much in fact that I will probably check out some of her other work once I devour that huge pile of books I plan on picking up tomorrow.