I came across J.A. Saare’s Rhiannon’s Law series on the recommendation of a friend. Book one is called Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. I read the blurb and I saw that this was about a tough chickie who also happens to be a necromancer involved with vampires. Mystery and chaos ensue. How could I resist a book that sounded so much like my favorite guilty pleasure of a series turned train wreck?


Where as that other series that will not be named is full of preachy moments and several page long female anatomy lessons this book is lacking all of that. The heroine Rhiannon is an unapologetic street smart girl who has been through hell and back. She can serve a mean cocktail and then knock you unconscious with her right hook. She’s pretty sarcastic and swears like a sailor. Rhiannon has no problem telling you what is on her mind, even if that is somewhat admitting a weakness. That was pretty refreshing itself.


If I were some of the characters in the books I read I would be terrified no matter how much I tried to keep my chin up. It was nice to hear someone admit that.


The male lead, Disco the vampire was also a little different. He wasn’t as chest thumping Alpha. He seemed even slightly shy which made him incredibly endearing. He was the head of a vampire House and so he had authority and power, but it was delivered in a more subdued way.


The storyline wasn’t predictable at all. The scooby doo unmasking moment came with a few twists that came a little too far from left field, but it wasn’t anything cringe worthy. There was a lot of character introductions and world building to do. That gave me a little extra forgiveness in the plot blips.


This book does everything right. Where I was expecting something more of the lines of the other necromancer series but i got something more and completely different. This book is a lot more gritty and urban fiction. There really are no characters in this story that were squeaky clean. They are all much more realistic than that, complete with flaws and insecurities. There were enough sexy moments to make me happy, but not enough to overwhelm the entire story line.


The ending however was just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. It was really one hell of a cliff hanger and I am curious to see where that goes. It could go either way for me. There is a good possibility I am not going to dig the next book, but this one was a great find. Luckily for me I discovered this series right after book two was released so I can jump into it right away.