Saddled and Spurred once again takes me into the world of Lorelei James, where every cowboy is extremely hot and a complete Alpha male who is very limber as well as good at tying knots in his tack room. This time we find a beauty queen who is as completely opposite of the stereotype as possible moonlighting as a ranch hand. Obviously when you are working for the to die for cowboy who loves to give orders ending up tied to his bed is inevitable. Also preferable. You can figure out the rest of the story from there, it’s not exactly food for deep thought.


In every one of James’s books there is not a single sight of anything less than a spectacular man, especially if they are part of any type of rodeo circuit. I went cowboy hunting at a rodeo or two and let me assure you that is not what I found. It was more like what I imagined a bowling league on horses would look like. Very disappointing to say the least.


This story also gives us a few glimpses of a female barrel racer. Tomboy who loves the circuit and is struggling with no one seeing her as a woman. Sound familiar? Yes, yes it does. It is all starting to blend and mush into the Rough Riders series isn’t it?


I really love Lorelei’s books, but this time there were a few scenes that were just ick. Several times our main cowboy lost all rational thought and behaved like a complete douchebag, and not in any typical smutty way. It was kind of weird and really didn’t fit in with the character at all. Everything would be pretty linear and then you would have this huge spike of out of character behavior before going back to where we left off.


Another perk of this series is that since everyone is not related their names don’t all start with the same letter, therefor it eliminates the need to keep a flow chart of who is who. Which is wonderful.


To be honest I read these books for the naked scenes but I stick around for the town and family gossip. I always end up pretty roped in to what is going on around the town. It’s like getting to be a fly on the wall at the town’s beauty palor.