I have been seeing Cherie Priest’s name all over book review and new release sites with great reviews. I never read anything by her before and decided that I would start with the first book in the Cheshire Red Reports, Bloodshot.


This book was pretty high action and leaned into the UF category. This book centers around vampires with mention of other things being out there. I assume we will see some of those in other books to come. Everything revolved around a government project to experiment on preternatural creatures. It reminded me of that season of Buffy that we all try to forget exists. Large underground facilities with spooky monsters in containment cells waiting on the doctors to perform all sorts of experiments on them. A little slice and dice and you could create yourself the perfect soldier. After the government closes the project down it becomes funded by civilians. Chasing down the folks involved and putting a stop to everything becomes the objective.


The voice of this book is from Raylene, Cheshire Red herself. I just love it! She is really damn spunky, and extremely paranoid. About everything. It adds a light peppering of giggles throughout the chasing and espionage in the book. Her thoughts are a great way to break the tension. Along the way we end up with a small cast of characters that are all endearing in their special ways. You wouldn’t think that you could get two homeless kids, an ex Navy SEAL drag queen, and a blind vampire together and have it work, but it did. In the epilogue we get to see them all interact a bit and it was nothing short of awesome. I hope that we get to see more of that in the future.


The only thing missing for me was a little touch of romance. I know that this was not a PNR book, but I still like to see a dash. There was a slight hint of a possible relationship that could develop in the future but it seemed more out of two lost lonely people than anything real. I didn’t really see any sparks.


I zipped through this book really quickly. It left me pretty eager to take a look at some of Priest’s other work.