I have been on a military smut kick for a few days now. It could always be worse. I could be back on a cowboy run. I read book one of Maya Banks’ KGI series when it first came out. I think I delayed reading No Place to Run, book two, as soon I saw the word “pregnant”. Books involving pregnant women or babies just don’t appeal to me. At all. I sucked it up and read through this one anyway.


I will be perfectly honest and tell you that my thoughts on this book are entirely clouded by the mentioned dislike of what I like to call “breeder books”. If a character ends up getting pregnant in a book that is just fine and dandy with me. If one of the main plot points is a pregnant woman needing rescuing I just start to roll my eyes.


There was mention after mention from the “heroine” about how she was slow because of the baby, how she was always hungry, how tired she was, etc. I get it. You are pregnant and trying to run around like you’re not. Obviously that isn’t going to work out too well. Sure, there were sweet moments where Daddy would be completely amazed at his growing baby, but it is just not my thing.


The story itself was pretty damn good though. There were a few twists along the way that I didn’t see coming. For a book about slow, sleepy pregnant woman, Banks managed to keep it high energy and loaded with action.


There was plenty of time with the rest of the Kelly clan as well. If they weren’t fictional I am pretty sure I would be on Frank and Marlene’s doorstep trying to have them adopt me too. They really are an awesome family. I love reading their teasing one another, their fierce protectiveness of one another, and of course watching them implement their family motto, “No one fucks with the Kellys”.


Book three involves no pregnant ladies so I am sure I will love that one more.