Hidden Away, book three in Maya Banks’ KGI series was a book I was really looking forward to. Garrett Kelly was always my favorite of the Kelly clan. It was fun watching him turn to mush with a woman that wasn’t going to end up being his sister in law.


Hidden Away stayed true to Garrett’s big softy for a woman in distress nature. In previous books he is always described as being completely up tight and all around grouchy with his brothers and team mates. Then we see a second later how incredibly compassionate and loving he is with the women in his life. With Sarah he had extra cause to be careful with her, and so we were able to see to a greater extent just how soft he could be with a woman regardless of his gruff exterior.


In this book we also got to learn a lot more about some of the members of Steele and Rio’s teams. We have seen them brought in so many times but really know little about them. I am crossing my fingers that we get to see some of those characters have their own books or at least strong sub plots in the future.


This time around Rusty also got her due. I think that sometimes the brothers are a little hard on her. I think in the last book they started to come around to her a little bit and during this one things really came to a head. The family really circled the wagons for her when she needed it and I think that will reflect through some of her surly behavior. I am also a firm believer that the second she turns 18 Sean needs to just spend a good hour making out with her. Come on already. Its obvious to me that those two are just hiding the fact that they want to get naked with each other behind jabs and insults.


I like books that take you to multiple locations, and this one really does. We are pretty much all over the map. Maya really brought each setting to life and added some completely incidental characters in the settings for dimension.


There was so much going on by the end of this book, and it involved so many characters I really have no idea where the next book is going to go. That has me looking forward to spending some more time with the Kelly family! Hopefully some of their extended family as well.