I just finished the third book in Stephanie Tyler’s Shadow Force series, In the Air Tonight.  Now I have to wait till October for book four’s release.  That makes puppies cry.  I will be in the corner with them weeping.


This may have been my favorite of the series so far.  I think I loved it because it involved so many of the characters we have met in previous books, as well as a few new ones.  There were updates on the “stars” we already have spent some time with, as well as a lot of development for the characters we have yet to get to know well.  The updates were enough to keep me happy and the background information got me completely hooked on the characters we have yet to really get involved with.


I know I keep saying it, butTyler’s ability to write her supporting characters in as much depth and detail wile giving them so much less page time is just amazing to me.  I find myself time and time again just as invested and sometimes even more so in her secondary folks than her main.


This book primarily takes place in one location.  The boys and their teams all have a Cheers like hang out / home base.  At first I thought that with everything being so stationary we would miss some of the excitement and adventure that we have come to love in the previous books.  There were no treks through the jungle, or sprinting across continents.  Just one building where everyone gathered and trouble came to them.  It could be a recipe for high drama and little else.  That was really not the case.


This book was just as exciting and thrilling as a cross country escapade and just as steamy as ripping the clothes off of your Seal in the rain of a jungle, possibly even more so.  The romance in this book was a little more endearing than the previous books.  All of the characters involved had a lot more to work through. Tyleralso added a touch of the paranormal, which I love.  It wasn’t overdone, and it while it was a focal point of the book, it still remained more of the Special Ops Romance genre.


I am counting down the days till the next installment.  I am not being very patient either.