After finishing Stephanie Tyler’s first book in the Shadow Force series, I dove right into book 2, Promises in the Dark. I couldn’t even function on any higher level till I was done reading it. This series kind of crept in and held me hostage. My laundry is suffering greatly.


Book two picks up several months where we left off. This story had a pretty nice set up in the previous book. The surprise once again were the secondary characters. Tyler has a way of writing a character that may not get as much page time with just as much depth as her main characters. It kind of amazes me. One of the couples gets maybe 1/3rd of the page time, but you are not one bit less invested in them.


This book has a little bit of everything. You will run through Africa trying to evade warlords and terrorists. You can stay stateside and hack nuclear power plant computer systems. Maybe hanging out in a mercenary ran missionary safe house / medical facility is more your style? This book offers it all.


I love that the men in these books are trained, hardened operatives and after they meet the woman that is going to be the center of their universe they don’t drop what they are doing to start knitting. There are no quick purchases of houses with white picket fences and that puppy in the window. The women need to accept that these are warriors and that is not going to change just because they have someone to come home to after a mission.


I already have book 3 in my paws and I am pretty sure it will be devoured shortly. Who needs sleep right?