After reading Lora Leigh’s Midnight Sin I needed to get the awful taste out of my mouth. I needed to read some fabulous Black Ops book and make it all better. I dove into Stephanie Tyler’s Shadow Force series. I am only familiar with her work through the ACRO series she co-writes with Larissa Ione under the name Sydney Croft. I love that series so I figured that this one would be easy to fall in love with as well. I finished book one, Lie with Me and I am ready to open up book two. I guessed right.


I loved the writing of the heroine in this book. Skylar had two agents as parents so she wasn’t exactly a shrinking violet, but she wasn’t superwoman either. She was recovering from an illness and the consequences of that were throughout the story, but not over the top. It was consistent. After long exertion there was the need for a rest period. She wasn’t played as a complete invalid either. Having grown up somewhat in the middle of the black ops agent lifestyle she didn’t fall apart every time something earth shattering popped up, but she did have some meltdown moments. There was a really nice balance to everything.


The hero Cam was wonderfully Alpha but had his balance as well. There were plenty of moments where he broke away from the “You Jane, me Tarzan” routine that the men in this genre of books so often fall into. Things weren’t easy for him in the romance department with Sky as well. They had plenty to work through and some choices to make along the way. Refreshing!


A pleasant treat was to have a secondary couple that you fell in love with just as much. You got to read enough background and flashbacks along the way to feel as if you have read an entire book about them, when in reality they were just slipped in. Its not often that you end up rooting for more than one couple in a book. Usually the focus stays on one couple with a set up for the next book. This time around you get resolution for both. (We did get that set up anyway, and it was awesome.)


I am really anxious to follow this series to see what happens to all of the loose ends. There are so many bad guys that need to be taken down, and some bad ones that you want to see try to get some sort of redemption. Stephanie Tyler did one heck of a job getting me so invested.