What an arrogant, self centered, belligerent ass. Can I have one I can keep forever ?


I am a firm believer that all authors should just put out extra scenes of just the good stuff. Thank you !


I was certainly not expecting this to take place during Darkfever. The scene itself was a pretty awesome look into the mind of JZB. It was always a treat in the Fever series to get a bit from his perspective. Barrons complete arrogance may be the hottest thing ever. Well, until we get to this part …


“I have no desire to sleep with you. I want to fuck you. And there is no such thing as perfectly good sex.  If it’s “perfectly good,” I mock in falsetto, “he should be shot in the head and put out of everyone’s misery. Sex either blows your fucking mind, or it’s not good enough. You want me to blow your fucking mind, Ms. Lane? Come on.  Do it.  Be a big girl.”


Really? Did he really just say that ? I want to rip the bastard’s clothes off.


Once we actually get down to it things get pretty underwhelming. Its great that you can brag about how you went on and on for four hours, but that does me no good if I don’t get any of the details.


Barrons, you didn’t blow my mind. You were in fact perfectly good, but I’ve had better.


You can read it for free here