I breezed through Leslie Parrish’s Cold Touch (EXtrasensory Agents #2), almost as fast as the first book, Cold Sight. Parrish created some of the most interesting characters I have met in a long time. The team is made up of psychic detectives and each one has a power that is more interesting than the next. In this book we get a closer look at Olivia, who is able to touch a dead body and relive the last 130 seconds of their lives. (Like that plot in Torchwood?  Yes, exactly like that plot in Torchwood.)


In this book psychic powers don’t come easy. Aside from the obvious social, and personal problems that would arise from having these “gifts” we also get to see pretty vividly the physical and psychological damage that can happen. Often you read of all sorts of super powers, but they always seem to come wrapped in sunshine, rainbows, and sparkle with glitter off a unicorn’s horn. Not here.


This book is also incredibly serious, with the romance woven in. The relationship builds slowly and subtly. The focus is entirely on the characters themselves as well as the mystery. I kind of imagine this being somewhat like if Fox and Scully were both believers and had a Scooby Gang. Minus the mask pulling reveal of course. I may take that back. When you do solve the crime there is quite the “ah-ha!” moment, just without the comedy of a huge sandwich.


I have one tiny problem with the ending. The epilogue was a little too perfect for me. Things got a little too easy for everyone to have a HEA. It kind of felt cheap.


Oh hey there are spoilers ahead!! No names or plot points mentioned, but a general theme!!!


When a character does something incredibly brave which causes their death, or dies in the middle of something heroic you can’t cheapen that by bringing them back to life. If that final thought in death was how to save other people’s lives, bringing them back is lessening that to me.