I have a really passionate love / hate relationship with Lora Leigh. I love her Breeds series. I enjoyed a lot of her military based series. I hate hate hate what myself and other people have come to expect from her.


When reading one of her books it is just accepted that there will be editing errors, misspellings, continuity mistakes, etc. It’s really a joke already. When you read reviews of her books you see mention after mention of this and everyone shakes their heads and giggles a little.


Yet I keep on reading.


Midnight Sins is the first book in the new Heroes and Heartbreakers series. If you have read the Nauti series you have read this book. I would explain to you the small differences between the two but I cant. Not because there aren’t any, but because the books makes no sense at all to me.


Somehow an entire town has collaborated to murder, cover up murder, frame innocents, rig accidents, you name it! They also decided to completely outcast three cousins who were orphaned when their parents were killed. This goes on for several generations to the point where no one is even sure why they are suppose to be wishing that these guys die in tragic “accidents”. It is so irrational I cant even wrap my head around it. It really is downhill from there.


The story is really the same exact structure as the Nauti series so I expect the other books to follow the same path as well.


Lets talk about something more fun. Quality over quantity. It must be lovely to push out so many books a year, but when they are really just the same 3 books with the names changed people are going to get frustrated after awhile. Maybe it is contractual obligations? Maybe there are other reasons for it? Whatever the reason is, I know I would feel a lack of integrity towards my work. I personally would rather put out two books a year and know that I really put my all into them than just keep cranking out rehashed plot lines that obviously have pretty much zero thought behind them. Once we get to all of the editing errors I don’t even know what to say. How so much gets by boggles my mind.


It is a shame because I really do love so many of her books.