In the last week I have read a few clunkers. I’ve been seeing Leslie Parrish’s Extrasensory Agents series popping up on my Goodreads friend’s feed and decided to give it a shot.


Book one is Cold Sight. It is based around Aiden McConnell, a psychic who can connect with people he has had contact with to see, hear, or smell through their senses. It is not always in real time, or real at all. He can also connect to them through their dreams.


Aiden has some issues letting go of guilt from problems with a previous case he worked on with his agency of various psychic talents, and has become somewhat gun shy about pretty much everything. He moved to a small somewhat rural town, and pretty much never left the house for the next year. Then Lexi, a reporter shows up on his doorstep with a new case she is desperate for help on.


In reviews I read that the romance takes a back seat in this book, leaving the crime in the forefront. That is very true. From the first time they have met there was a building tension, and while it grows it is really never a huge part of the story. I think if you removed it all together the book would still work just the same. It would be a horrible mistake to do that though. The relationship between them is very realistic as it moves along, and that makes them both incredible endearing.


The crime and crime solving part of this book is somewhat similar to something I would expect from a cable version of SVU meets CSI. It is pretty gritty and does not hold back. There are more than a few scenes and descriptions that made me cringe. Those were the same ones that made me read the entire book in one day and not be able to put it down until I was done.


The writing was so good. Even though we were dealing with a team of people with various powers everything was so incredibly believable. The characters weren’t dancing around singing to everyone about their powers. Everyone was guarded and in some cases even reluctant to use them. The powers didn’t make everything easy for them, it just helped them move along. Refreshing to see in a book that involves any sort of powers.


I am going to be jumping right into the second book in this series tonight!