I really should start this off by saying that I have huge issues with books who have main characters that meet someone of the opposite sex and within about 3 seconds flat think its an awesome idea to leave their lives and go run off with them abandoning everything else. (regardless of how little that may actually be) It gives me Twilight post traumatic stress syndrome. I just want to lock these women in a padded room and keep them well medicated.

Lord of the Vampires, (Royal House of Shadows #1), by Gena Showalter is released by Harlequin. Right there I knew this would be a little different than her other work. I was really intrigued by the concept of a series where each book was written by a different author so I went for it anyway. I just happen to love all of the other authors involved in this project.

This book starts out in modern day with a scientist named Jane. She is recovering from an accident that left her paralyzed for some time and killed her family. Jane apparently specialized in paranormal being research as well as trying to have things / people travel inter-dimensionally. I don’t really get it. It seemed kind of random. At no point in this story do we get into any sort of corporate or government involvement so all of that was just somewhat extra. It was more used as a device to make her acceptance of the supernatural seem logical. It didn’t really work, but I went with it anyway.

Nicolai, the vampire of the story lives in the magical realm which is pretty archaic. They are still riding horses from far away kingdom to far away kingdom. Apparently education is on that same level. He is pretty “Me sexy vampire. You Jane. Naked now.”

Rules of the world are established as we go along. Then they just are pretty much shattered without much of an explanation. For example, it is stated that vampires are born and not made, yet that gets staked to dust later.

The book was a fast read. The world was okay. I really had nothing else at the time so it was all good. Aside from the the story of the H/h there is an overall story arc to the series that does not get resolved. This is in no way a cliff hanger, the story of Jane and Nicholi is done I am interested to see what the other authors do to move the series story arc along, but I was pretty happy to see this installment end.