During the last winter I had a friend who would whip up a batch of Tom Ka Gai soup when there were several feet of snow outside.  The slightly spicy, Thai coconut chicken soup hit the spot especially if you were not feeling 100%.   I felt like I got ran over with a truck carrying several infectious diseases last week and I could think of nothing else.

The soup itself is rather simple.  A basic version could be made with chicken broth, coconut milk, lime, cilantro, and little else.  Being sick I was entirely too lazy to get near any of that.  I headed into Wegman’s to grab whatever looked decent enough to my sick head to eat.  In the soup aisle I discovered that they had a Wegman’s brand pre made boxed Thai chicken stock.  Reading the label I saw that it contained everything that I would have added to the soup.  Lemongrass, lime, chili, and ginger all showed up on the ingredients. Being sick, wanting the soup and most importantly wanting to become one with the couch made me give it a try.

I used a box of the Thai broth along with a can of coconut milk to make the base.  I added in some chicken, mushrooms, lime juice and fresh cilantro and called it a day.   I dumped in some rice noodles near the end.

Of course making this from scratch would have been better, but for whipping up the entire meal in ten minutes or less I would say this was a huge success.  It is good to know that you can keep that broth in your back pocket when you don’t feel like making anything from scratch or you can’t find all of your ingredients.     Turns out that fresh lemongrass isn’t always something easy to come by.