It’s always easy to tell when a new Dark Hunter book comes out because I am shuffling around like a zombie the next day.  I started this book and I didn’t stop till about 4:30 am when I finally hit that last page.


People who know me know that I have a thing for cowboy books.  Well, more like cowboys in general, so if you know any feel free to have them shoot me an email.  Retribution, the 20th book in this series offered me a great mix of the PNR that I love and the cowboy-esque feel of a modern western.  It really had a completely different feel than the other books.  There were a lot of American Indian beliefs involved in this story.  When you team that up with the wild, wild, west, you got something that we haven’t seen in the other books.  While I enjoyed it, I don’t think I would want to see this often.  It was a nice change of landscape but while this book took place during modern day it had that old time threading.  There were cameos from several of our favorite Dark Hunters as well as mentions of others.  I got a nice life update on a lot of past folks we have already come to love.


It never ceases to amaze me that this series has so many books and yet never seems to jump that shark.  I picture Kenyon’s office as having wall to wall flow charts and timelines.  I believe she has mentioned that she has twice as many books preplanned.  I can’t imagine how she could keep the complex story arcs so untangled for forty some books.


I have one huge complaint.  This is completely a spoiler so you may want to stop reading right about now….


Acheron’s son was born in the bonus scene at the end of the book.  There was some sort of complication and no one knew what to do.  Ash went to Artemis for help who at first was bitchy, then directly teleported over to help.  It was a huge save the day moment.  When Ash asked what she would demand as payment for saving the life of his wife and child she said that the look on his face when he first held his son was enough.  Tory and Ash had a moment of “aww isn’t she wonderful?”


Are you kidding me?  You don’t get a gold star for saving a laboring mother and the baby’s life.  That is something that should have been done without a thought.  There should have been no asking please, or having to make an offer of being in her limitless debt.  That is something that as the goddess of childbirth she should have been drawn to do regardless.  Under no circumstance does that in any way shape or form erase or even begin to negate the atrocities this woman has committed against Ash and his family.  I think it was pretty disgusting that she was even brought into the happiest day of this man’s life.


It was also a pretty underwhelming scene.  We come in right at the point of pushing.  I would have liked to have seen the initial panic of her beginning labor and everyone gathering to help them.


I am with Simi.  Lets BBQ the heifer-goddess.