I am a Jersey girl through and through.  How could I pass up on a book where aHobokenbeautician meets up with a werewolf?  Obviously I couldn’t.

Last time I knew a guy for less than a week and he tried to tell me that he wanted to spend the rest of eternity at my side I explained to him that I would have no problem slapping his ass with a restraining order and never looked back.  In books obsessiveness is apparently sexy.

We should probably ignore all of that before we continue.

This was a great fun, fast read.  I think the entire span of the story takes place within 2 weeks.  Within the first 72 hours JC adopts a mangy “dog”, cleans it up, fusses over its super fluffy hair, meets a hot new neighbor, bangs said neighbor, bangs said neighbor again, and then goes to spend the weekend with the neighbor and his family.  Awesome! Her actions are totally safe and rational.  This is where she finds out that her new hot neighbor is actually the “dog” she rescued.  JC freaks out, runs home, then comes back a week later ready to move away from her home, leave her business, and spend the rest of her life as this wolf mate.

Sure, there is not a lot of plot, but who always needs one?   Once in awhile a nice piece of fluff that requires exactly four brain cells is a nice vacation.  The dialogue is funny, as is the entire concept of the book.  The rather lengthy sex scenes are pretty steamy and we waste no time getting to them.