Dead on the Delta (Annabelle Lee #1) by Stacey Jay was a book that I started then seemed to never be able to get to. As soon as I found the time to sit down and read, I didn’t stand up again until the book was finished.

After a run of lighter books it was a nice change of pace to walk into something so dark and gritty. When you start a book about faeries you never really know which direction it is going to head in. This one contains no pixie dust. Annabelle is an unapologetic alcoholic, pill popper who really does not care what you think about her. At all. She does however care about everyone else. Deeply. Perhaps too deeply and that is where her problems lie. She risks her life time and time again trying to solve a murder, prove a friend innocent, and just keep loved ones from having to risk themselves.

Page after page you learn a little more about each character and their families in subtle ways. They all have such multifaceted lives that you are left with a lot of questions about everyone. The end of the book only thing you know for certain that you cant be certain about anyone. There was quite a noir feel to this book. It seemed as if everyone had a secret or two in the back of their closet, and some of those were skeletons.

The big scooby doo reveal of the mystery left a little to be desired. It was kind of like when the gang would pull the mask off the bad guy only to find a puppet. The finale was a little too rushed and a little too out there. Something simpler and more realistic may have worked better.

We do get to see a great set up for the next book. With so many questions unanswered and so much intrigue surrounding everyone Jay made it easy to look forward to spending more time in the Delta with Annabelle.