On July 24th I went to go see Cracker perform at Brooklyn Bowl. This marks the third time this year alone I have seen one of David Lowery’s assorted projects. That night’s show was a special one. I was there with friends I have known for ten plus years a piece celebrating the i-am-not-telling-you-how-many anniversary of my 21st birthday. The first time I saw Cracker live I was fourteen years old. They were playing Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey. My family always had season passes and my dad took me. It is pretty wild to think that more than * cough15cough * years later I am standing there singing along to the same songs.

David, Johnny, and company really did not disappoint. The set opened with Movie Star and plowed its way through every hit the crowd wanted to hear plus some gems like Sweet Thistle Pie, and Take Me Down to the Infirmary. We even got Camper Van Beethoven’s Take the Skinheads Bowling. How could you not leave one happy camper after all of that rocking?

Of course being able to belly up to the stage between Johnny and David along with a bunch of your besties helps make for a perfect evening as well.

Johnny and David can be my sweet potato and honey lamb anytime.