I started reading this Dead on the Delta (Annabell Lee #1), by Stacey Jay a few days ago and only landed about 50 pages in.  All of these life things are getting in the way of sitting down and drinking this book like a mocha latte.  People have some nerve.  Right?   I am hoping to sit down and give myself at least an hour tonight.  The bad / good news is that this looks like it is going to be another book that I am going to end up counting down the days till the release of the second in the series.  Sure, finding another series isn’t a bad thing unless of course you are looking at my wallet or bookshelf space.


In other exciting news I have been somewhat obsessed with the idea of an enchanted ipod. Imagine an ipod that can play anything you want when ever you want it. (Thanks a lot for that Allison Pang. You should all read her book A Brush of Darkness.) Some days I just want to crank Barry’s Copa directly after dancing to some lame guilty pleasure pop music. I never seem to have what I want at that very second on my iphone. Now that Spotify came to the USA, I will never have that problem again. I feel like I turned into Genie. I fold my arms, nod my head, and poof! I am listening to whatever my hear desires. Oh technology, I love you.


On that note, if you hear the shower running for an obscenely long time just know that I decided that is the best hiding spot in the house.  I didn’t drown, I am just camped out on the floor with this book using the sound of the water as a decoy.