I feel really confident that if the zombie apocalypse comes and I end up like a zombie in this book, I would be just fine. Sure, I would have to eat brains every few days or I would start to fall apart. Literally. I could live with that. If I could land a job at a place, like a morgue, that gave me pretty near unlimited access to said brains, it would also cut my grocery bill down significantly. The financial ramifications of becoming a zombie seem to all point to the pro column. Smoking weed and other assorted narcotics seem to not work, which can fall into the pro or con column depending on your extra curricular activities. At least you would never have to worry about becoming an addict after getting those wisdom teeth removed or something similar…..


I digress. Often.


I have read the first book in Diana Rowland’s Demon centered Karen Gillian series. I have yet to make it to the rest of that series, but they are on my TBR pile. I think it is taking me so long because they were (or at least started out) more crime based despite the supernatural aspect, and lacking in the smut department.


My Life As A White Trash Zombie had a title that I simply could not pass up. It also screamed it may not be quite as law and order as I see her books in my head. Pink book covers also scream hardcore awesomeness.


Rowland really did not disappoint me. This book was full of enough snark, humor, and zombie super powers to keep me up entirely too late trying to finish just one more chapter. The story has a few layers of mystery to it that I actually did not figure out right in the beginning. If that all doesn’t make this a book you need to run out and buy, I don’t know what else I could tell you.


I could gush about how awesome this book was some more, but I really need to finish my pro / con zombie list. I am sure I had you sold at the word zombie anyway, so go show some love to Diana while I make my future unlife plans.