I just read Ascension the first book in Caris Roane’s The World of Ascension series.  I never read anything by her but the book sounded good.  I gave it a shot and ended up liking it well enough.


I found myself doing the same thing with this book as I do with the Black Dagger Brotherhood (this book is strikingly similar) series; I scan through the chapters that have to do with the big bad’s regiments.  If you took all of that out of the book I think I would like it better.  I really don’t need an in depth look into the minds and thoughts behind out baddie soldiers.


Everything about this book was fine and dandy.  While I certainly won’t be heard gushing about it I really couldn’t say too much bad about it either.  Would I read more of the series?  Yep.    There were a few other characters introduced in this book that seem to be far more interesting than the one we got this time around.


I am kind of smitten to be moving on to something entirely different today.