I am trying to channel my snark into something productive. Yes, I consider blogging productive. Hey, it is more productive than just sending my witty remarks via text message to a few select friends. I feel I should share with everyone. That thought, for better or worse, has brought me to this point.


I love to read, but you’ll never find me doing a book synopsis. There are enough of them out there. You can go look the book up on Goodreads or Amazon for that. I will just offer you my brutally honest and yet sometimes even complimentary thoughts on what I have just read.


I will warn you up front I read nothing that most people consider of literary value. Actually, I generally end up reading smut with a side dose of fur or fangs involved. I admit that I am not happy with a book unless someone is ripping the clothes off of some sort of preternatural being. Except if you are a cowboy. Then no preternatural creatures are needed. I do have my weaknesses.


I love to eat. I love to cook. I like to send people mouth watering pictures of whatever delectable thing I am putting into my mouth at the moment along with a sinful description of its taste. (oh no. I really just said that didnt I ? Obviously I have been reading too much again.) You get the idea.